Local SEO Specialists

The Why?

Every business has one thing that separates them from the rest.

Why we do something is directly correlated to how well we are able to achieve that thing. For us the answer is simple, we’ve gained the experience and the answers to be able to help anyone achieve their goals.

Modus exists to serve people. The internet still presents some of the greatest opportunity for growth for small to mid-size businesses. Our combined 40+ years experience in developing online strategies for just about every industry, gives us the edge on our competition.

We bring our expertise in web, print, mobile and media development by applying our experience working with hundreds of clients from the marketing and advertising space over the better part of the last 20 years.

We differentiate ourselves by delivering robust highly converting branded marketing solutions with targeted analytics and a clear concise multi-segmented approach. This allows us and our solutions to be dynamic, scale-able and flexible adapting to local, national and international industry trends. Often projecting certain outcomes well in advance.

  1. Jun, 2014
    Foundation of the Company

    Established Modus Relations to provide a much needed online synergy between businesses and their audiences. Leveraging trends, technology and relationships to create a unique meaningful lasting conversion time and time again.

  2. Sep, 2015
    Core Foundational Focuses

    Establishment of our core focuses. 

    -Deliver Robust Solutions

    -Develop Synergy between technology and relationships

    -Create highly targeted measure-able campaigns

    -Best in-class Engagement.

    These are the values that define our brand. 

Our Vision

We live in an information-centric society. How users interact with businesses in today's world is more and more digital. We bridge the gap between technology and relations delivering real customized solutions for you.