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Public Relations is our game, that's why it's in the name.

"People do not buy goods or services. They buy relations, stories and magic." - Seth Godin

We at Modus Relations specialize in media and public relations. We work tenaciously to secure regular placements for our clients with various publications and media outlets.

  • National Magazines
  • Daily Newspapers
  • Industry-specific publications
  • National Television
  • Regional Television
  • National / Local Market Radio
  • Top Online Blogs

Professional Tools for Your Business

Cutting-edge technology and real-world solutions to solve unconventional business needs.
Media Expertise
We utilize the most reputable and influential media outlets with targeted press coverage for our client's campaigns.
Digital Strategy
We specialize in digital strategy and aim to amplify your brand's message to maximize penetration and engagement.
Content Creation
Our team of journalists and writers excel in the generation of compelling content that engages our client's audience.

Our general approach is very simple. We generate positive media coverage to help companies, brands and people achieve their goals, reach their audience and shape overall perception. Our positive publicity approach has proven time and time again to influence customer response.

From new product launches to refreshing an already established brand; from addressing challenging issues to tackling a strategic business objective. We create the perception that is necessary to impact purchasing behavior, public policy or the outcome of a crisis.

Identify ideal KOL Spokespersons.

The right relationships begin with trust.

Our experience proves invaluable when companies struggle to identify and prepare KOL spokespersons who speak on their behalf. We are fully aware of the value a fitting spokesperson adds to an organization, in many ways this single decision can make or break your campaign or launch.

And in times of crisis this is the face that your audience turns to, we work to identify the traits that are necessary and the skills that are required to portray trust and expertise to your audience.

Our Expertise

We pride ourselves on building strong relationships with our clients, working closely with them to achieve their objectives. We know the importance of the entire process, and have worked with several industries from ranging from entertainment to finance, allowing us the versatility to approach any solution with our expertise.

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Brand Management 85%
Public Relations 91%
Digital Marketing 77%
Reputation management 71%

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